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To become a sustainable platform for backstopping and promoting nationally recognized quality, accessible and affordable skilling solutions to the construction industry enterprises and the current and potential workforce in the sector consistent with the objectives of the National Skills Development Policy thus contributing to human capital formation and inclusive growth of the country.


To raise the overall compatibility of the construction sector to a level that enables the sector adapting to the technological changes and growth, improving productivity and profitability of enterprises, enhancing individual's employability through providing continuous one stop backup services vis-à-vis skills and workforce development arena to the relevant Govt. and private sector agencies thereby fulfilments of the aspirations of the construction industry employers, training providers and the workers in Bangladesh and overseas labour market.



  • Advance education and training and to identify generic and emerging skills to support the employability of individuals and provide for local community development and to give strategic advice to government, on these issues
  • Support the development, implementation and continuous improvement of high quality, nationally recognized training products and services, including enhancing innovation, rationalizing materials where there are cross-industry synergies, and improving efficiency
  • Assist industries, enterprises and their workforce to integrate skill development with business goals
  • Support accurate industry intelligence on future directions, including provision of strategic advice on industry skills and training needs to the National Industry Skills Forum
  • Research, collect, plan, coordinate and provide input to national research and develop strategies relating to education and training within the industries
  • Act as the principal voice of the industries on issues related to vocational education and training for employment
  • Market the advantages of recognized training to all users and stakeholders relevant to the company
  • Give strategic advice regarding education and training to employers, existing workers and new entrants.

Mandate Work

  • Develop and validate skills standards for occupations across the sector;
  • Review and verify training course curricula aligned to skills standards;
  • Training of industry skills assessors;
  • Establishment and implementation of a skills assessment system;
  • Conduct quality assurance evaluations of private and NGO-led training providers which seek to offer industry accredited training courses;
  • Conduct a survey of employers on skills demand and shortages;
  • Develop a labour market information system (LMIS) for the construction sector;
  • Develop a sector-wide skills strategy (and annual sub-sector training plans); and
  • Provide technical and strategic advice to Government of Bangladesh.