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Industries in Bangladesh have been growing since 1990s and have the potential to grow further for which improved skills of worker is a condition. But presently there is shortage of skilled workers to cope with modern technologies in competitive markets. Therefore imparting skills to the workers through training is a demand of time. Different Ministries undertook projects funded from EU, ADB, World Bank, CIDIA and DFID in order to reform and modernize TVET system. Formerly TVET reform project facilitated the formulation of Skills Development Policy in consultation with TVET stakeholder including key industry sectors. Government of Bangladesh has adopted and approved the policy in 2011. Policy specific guidelines have been provided in order to involve industries with public TVET bodies (BTEB, DTE, BMET etc.) so that they can contribute to competency Standards and Curriculum Development, trainees assessment for certification and in the line with this vision formation of industry Skills Council (ISC) has been proposed in the approved policy.

ISCs are non-profit organization and work to create linkage between industries and TVET bodies for promoting industry driven skill development trainings. ISCs will work in close Co-operation will National Skills Development Council (NSDC) which has been formed as per National Skills Development Policy, 2011.  

Construction Industry Skills Council

Since 2010 the stockholder of construction Industry and their Associations (Specially BACI) were involved in the activities of Skill Development Project under Ministry of Education funded by Asian Development Bank and represented in Construction Sector working Committee. They used to contribute in every field of activities till the completion of the project. National Skill Development Council has been formed to implement the Skill Development Policy, 2011. Thereafter, Construction Industry Skill Council (CISC) has been formed associating eleven construction industry related associations.