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Sk Abdul Mannan
Chief Executive Officer, CISC

The construction sector plays a pivotal role in the growth accelerating phase of Bangladesh. In recent years, labour shortages, especially in skilled categories for most occupations in this sector have emerged as a major concern, especially in the backdrop of rapid changing construction technologies. This gives rise to a potential constraint for future growth in the sector. Presently, there is skilled worker shortage in all most all the occupations, particularly in masonry, rod binding, painting, tilling, electrical installation and maintenance, plumbing, aluminum fabricators, finishing carpenters etc.

The projected demand suggest that aggregate demand for construction workers will rise by approximately 28 percent, from 3.2 million in 2016 to 4.1 million by the end of seventh five year plan period. By 2025, the aggregate demand for construction worker will reach at 4.9 million growing by 59 percent from the level projected for 2016. Combining with the demand for construction workers in the international market, total demand for construction workers will rise from 3.34 million in 2016 to 4.04 million in 2020, increasing further to 5 million by the end of 20205.

Given this backdrops, the sector will also experience major technological advancement in its construction works and services. These developments and transitions of the sector warrant CISC to be in the driving seat to demonstrate its pragmatic role for the workforce and systemic development of the construction sector. This require CISC to be well equipped with competent and capable human resources and other logistic concerning vibrant functioning of the CISC secretariat across the sector. I would like to thank SEIP, SUDOKKHO, NSDA, Bangladesh Technical Education Board for supporting CISC. Since the establishment of the CISC in 9th February 2016, the Council has been implementing a business plan with the financial and technical support of SEIP & Sudokkho.

CISC is developing Competency Standards, Curricula, Competency Based Learning Materials (CBLM), Competency Skills Log Book (CSLB), Accreditation Documents for skills training. CISC identify and assess capacity of private training providers to be RTO, developing assessors and trainers.

CISC is not only an organization but a voice of Industry people who delivers information that what needs to be done and who will do what for ultimate development of skills status in construction sector in Bangladesh. I believeCISC will play the most effective role in skills development process in Bangladesh through the assistance from Government and guidance &continuous contribution from other stakeholders. I wish every success of CISC to make the construction sector more vibrant with global standard.