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Engr. Shafiqul Alam Bhuiyan
Chairperson, CISC

Construction sector contributes to GDP by 8.3 percent. It is predicted that total employment in this sector will rise to 3.32 million by 2020. In a demand-led system of skills, employers are in the best position to determine solutions. Employers understand the dynamics of how a sector operates and the corresponding impact on the demand for skills. Employers and partners working in the sector have a much better insight and awareness of their skill needs than would occur at the national level through a government ministry or agency. Working within the ISC structure, employer's play a key role in defining and articulating their skills needs, identifying how they can be met and in supporting their actual delivery through training, mentoring on the job, and recognition of prior learning. They also have the ability to control quality assurance in the training delivery system by setting industry skills standards, developing qualifications and national curricula and having oversight over the skills assessment processes. The sooner the sector stakeholders realize the necessity and wide scope of ISCs the faster the market demand will be met resulting higher wage to workers and more profit to the employers.

CISC comprising eleven highly representative associations in construction sector registered under Companies Act is hopeful of addressing the issues for TVET, competency based training, develop and monitor skills development policies and practices, improve productivity, develop and review skills standards and enhance the welfare of employees.

CISC cannot forget to thank Sudokkho for drawing CISC Business Plan, proposed technical support for capacity building and thank SEIP for their operational supports. Continued Government supports and ensured income out of activities of CISC will be needed to make & keep CISC sustainable.

Ultimately functions related to standard, assessment and certification have to be entrusted with the ISCs. CISC hopes to work as an effective bridge between the Government and the Construction Industry with guidance from NSDC and in direct partnership with public authorities like DTE, BMET and BTEB.